Nike Air Commander Force OG "White Man Can't Jump"

Before their was Nike Kobe High, or Air Force 1 RT. Nike introduced the heightened sneaker as an originally in 1991 with the model called COMMAND FORCE. This shoe brought a design called Air-Fit technology, An Inflatable bladder was installed on the ankle also known as the Air-Pump, which allowed a baller to adjust a custom comfort around the upper of the shoe. Making it the tallest ankle support of its time.


The year after the release of the Commander's, 20th Century Fox made the famous pop culture movie called "White Man Can't Jump" Starting Woody Harrelson who played Billy Hoyle. This character rocked the sneaker as  Billy, the player made his living by hustling street-ballers who assume he can't play because he is white. But surprising everyone with his talent and skills, and created the image of the kicks if you rock the Commanders, your skills will become better.


The shoes come in a nice Solid Black box, which feature a gloss Nike Logo engraved. The major concept of the shoe is that it will bring the classic OG form, a technology called Air-Fit on the top heel and an air release clip on the back portion of the top heel, it will come in the original color scheme, it's build on a nice full leather body, plus the shoe will have a nice inner lining fabric cushioning for a nice comfort and support.


Men's Only $200

Release Date: November 8, 2014

First Come, First Serve

Contact: 562-498-1238