When you buy a pair of TOMS Shoes, you're also helping improve the health, education and well-being of a child. On their own, shoes have a limited ability to change a life. But when combined with programs run by our Giving Partners, they can become a powerful tool in helping create opportunities for a better future. They work with more than 75 Shoe Giving Partners who have ongoing programs to help kids, families and communities around the world. The Giving Pairs are new shoes, made for school and play. We provide a range of sizes, to fit kids from toddlers to teens. And we also collect feedback on the fit, durability and comfort of the shoes, so we can continue to improve our current selection and develop new shoe styles. They currently give shoes in more than 50 Countries. Where they give is driven by the needs our Giving Partners see on the ground. We work closely with them to add new communities and countries where shoes will have the greatest impact.

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When you buy TOMS Eyewear, you're helping restore sight — which in turn restores independence, economic potential and educational opportunity. Committed to investing in sustainable eye care for the long term. With the help of Seva Foundation, our lead Sight Giving Partner, we support locally based organizations that train local residents to provide professional care. So it's not just an investment in the clinics and hospitals; it's an investment in the people who work in them.