It seems everywhere you look fashion is going back in time. The past is our future 70's 80' & even 90's shoes have been re-stocked in our present time. Reebok can take us back to one man that made the undisputed shoe the Pumps a legend. Reebok will be releasing this December the PUMP OMNI LITE "Dee Brown". With the history of this shoe is a no brainer to "BAG" this shoe and take it home with you. DeCovan Kadell "Dee" Brown was a former BOSTON CELTICS Shooting Guard. Reebok has a strong history with this legend. Back in 1991 "Dee Brown" won the NBA slam dunk competition with a "NO_LOOK" Dunk. But before he made the famous dunk one thing was for certain, He Pumped Pumped & Pumped his Reebok Classic Omni Lite. This Shoe will be available @ Private Inc. First Come First Served.

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Available December 2, 2013 InStore & PhoneOrders 562-498-1238.