A Visionary is someone of unusually keen foresight– a dreamer, a radical or impractical. Those that are bold enough to think they can create change and tenacious enough to see it through. As IVI enters our first Spring season, we salute the visionaries.  We share the point of view that an uncharted path must be explored and if a job is worth doing then it is worth doing correctly.

It is this type of thinking that built the base for our product line: well thought out and original design, premium Italian acetates from legendary eyewear supplier Mazzucchelli 1849 and industry defining lens quality from our exclusive partnership with Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens. This thinking is reflected in our brand Ambassadors as well – experts in their fields, yet also bold enough to build upon their success, taking risks to expand on their platforms and inspire others to take the path less traveled. It’s time to get busy living.

Courtesy of: ivivision.com