Keith Haring X Reebok Insta Fury Pump "Crack Is Wack"

The year 1986, place East Harlem New York, one of the most motivating artwork made by graffiti artist Keith Haring, in which he collaborates with an anti-drug company, the mural is composed of Haring’s signature kinetic figures and abstract forms in bold outlines. Crack is a highly potent, addictive, and dangerous form of smokable cocaine whose use reached epidemic proportions in the mid- to late 1980s.  Haring’s mural cautions youth against the drug’s use.

Reebok recreates the mural into the Insta Pump Fury model and the detailing is off the scales, it honors the Harington to the fullest and hope he R.I.P. as we take a closer look at the shoes we can see some inner insoles that remember us the year and state that the mural was build.

The Fury Pump's featuring classic silhouettes like the Instapump Fury, Pump Omni Lite and Court Victory Pump, the pack comes decked out in Haring’s signature pop art motifs and combines bright orange with black, grey and white.

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