Nike Air Penny 6 "Metallic Silver"

Before all the Hype the camp-outs and all the email notification, their was a time when sneakers arrived to shelves and customers will walk in to pick up their pair. Nike and Penny keep the concept alive while they launch the Penny 6's unannounced world wide. This shoe grabs design parts from previous Hardaway collections, but most noticeable is the Penny 1's. A major attration to this pair is the foam side panel on the toe box to the back side. To whom believe on the old sneaker way don't miss out on the Metallic's.

Nike Air Penny 6 "Metallic" Men's $185 now available

Starting of we can notice a half tongue martial mix, the bottom a canvas and the top premium suede. The whole upper and inner piece of the shoe will be build on a premium nubuck suede, as for the outer side will bring the popular foam material in metallic silver. Zoom air pocket hits the back heal, a pull tag will have the shield of penny with the words I AM ONE CENT. The penny 1's Nike swoosh won't be forgotten and speckled laces will be set to bring it all together.

Sometimes Hype sneakers can be overwhelming, with all the raffle, camping, and heads trying to get the same shoe. Picking up a simple pair of kicks can be more satisfying then we might think. These kicks our now available at both locations. Like the post, share it with friends, and remember to stay fresh !

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