Air Jordan 10 Retro OG "Double Nickel"

They are Back ! The Retro 10 CHICAGO model has made it's way to retails. This time the iconic sneaker will bring that engraved number 45 also know as the Jersey # that Michael Jordan had to wear while returning to the game. Why ? well funny story MJ signature number 23 was retired, so when he went to play Baseball to honor his fathers wishes, he did well but knew that his blood and sweat was with love of basketball. Despite Jordan's absents on the NBA the 10's released and have been a favorite collectable shoe for most Sneaker Heads.

Let's take a closer look at these Retro 10 Jordan's , A major part of the shoe is the customization on the bottom sole, where all of Mike's most noticeable triumphs and goals are listed. The shoe will finally be released in a Re-Mastered edition which come in a more high of quality and hits you with classic structure. It will be driven in a original Chicago Bulls color way. Finishing with the 45 of the side engraved which give a bite of history to the return of MJ. For those you can't recall the Double Nickel showcases that 55 point return that his royal airiness made in that game.

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