Air Jordan 11Lab4

Jumpman23 has been mixing chemicals to form a new set of Jordan Retro that will make your mouth drop. The company has been grabbing material of 2 different set of collectable Jordan shoes to form a chemistry also known to all the sneaker world as the Jordan Lab series. Introduced back in September 21st 2013, the Lab team released a mix vibe of the 3Lab5 "Gamma Blue" and since then we have seen a total of 8 designs hitting shelves everywhere. The set of models goes as follows: 3 set of 3Lab5, 2 sets of 5LAB3, and 3 sets of 4LAB1.

The next installment has arrived and this time the company will unite the impact of the legendary Retro 11 one of the best sold retro to date, and the classic look of the Retro 4 with one of the most beloved for it's body features and amazing branding design.

The shoe comes completely dressed in a patent leather body driving inspiration for the 11's  and the body structure will bring the Retro 4 with its smooth design and appearance. the under netting will be composed of premium leather which also hits the inner lining for comfort. it will contrast with a white border on the air pocket and will be laced with a black wax for durability. closing with the amazing boxing and presentation.

These shoes will be available by Raffle Entry only at our Long Beach and San Pedro locations, please call your local shop for full details (Click on Contacts above) Men's $250

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