LVFT Premium Jacket "In-Depth Look"

Long Beach's very own and beloved local brand Live Fit. Apparel, has been in works for years and brings a Traditional Street Wear concept to the fitness world, LVFT is the first fitness clothing line to be named the fitness LIFESTYLE x PERFORMANCE line. The Lifestyle metaphor comes from it's appeal and design that trigger all ages alike, the Performance attacks the Gym Heads and the major competitors of the fitness world. The Clothing company takes the brand to a whole new level and becomes a Premium Boutique Shop attraction with their Premium Collection attacking the Nation by storm. But the one feature that makes everyone run to a store is the one and only Premium Jacket. This jacket is a massive product that can be used amongst hobbies like surfing, skateboarding, and more importantly fitness.

Taking an in-depth look at the jacket, the first thing that can be noticed is the materials that were used such as polyester and cotton, a water-resistant fleece body with 100% anti-pill polyester face. This makes it a comfortable and smooth fit, with a flexible and stretchable look. The front of the Jacket features both major logos, the LVFT branding and the 14 traditional stars. As we work to the sleeves we see four patches  honoring four Nationalities like the USA, CANADA, BRITISH, and AUSTRALIA Flags.. It will come with front pockets while the Right pocket featuring a custom MP3 player holder and plug entry within the inner lining. finishing with the major attraction a Exposed coil zipper at center front and a removable hood.

Wear it as a hoodie or a windbreaker it will suit any occation that falls around your life. Hope you all enjoy a little feed back and history of the Brand and Premium Jacket, Remember to LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT, Stay Fresh !

The Jacket has been released at our Long Beach and San Pedro location, Please call to check if any sizes are still available. (Contact Link Above) LVFT Premium Jacket $100



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