Asics Gel Lyte III "Kimono"

Asics looks far east for it's next inspired Gel-Lyte III model. They will be utilizing a Japaneses tradition called KIMONO, which is a garment suit used by locals for special occasions or events. Original introduced to the world the kimono attire was seen as early as the 5th century. The suit was used by kids or young adults in families belonging to  the middle or wealthy society class. It also hit Hollywood with the movie GEISHA, and has been a fascination to people around the world. The denim base is inspired the Japanese denim and the history of the best jean's reputation, which brings to traditions together as one and forms the  Asics denim style sneaker, that comes hooked up with small artistic detail, to admire you will need to cop a pair.

Asics Gel Lyte III "Kimono" Men's $150 (Long Beach Exclusive)

This Asics Gel Lyte III goes with a darker demin-base upper than the previous release version. Other details to the shoe include floral graphics around the collar and split tongue, with both red and gold detailing throughout which adds for a nice pop. description by

Keep this in mind for Saturday 22th since they will sell out no matter the hype release of the Yezzy boost. Don't be surprised if this Asics come hard to come by. In my opinion is can be names one of the best Asics of 2015. Thanks for stopping by out blog and remember to Like, Share, and Comment. Stay Fresh !