Borack Obama

Nike Kobe 10 Elite "Commander"

Inspired by the leader of the United States of America. Nike and Kobe join forces to bring you the next installment and one of the last Kobe 10 we will see before the 11's are release introducing the COMMANDER. Inspired by the homeland of the president of the US Honolulu Hawaii. The shoe will drives an ocean blue and Hawaiian tropical colors of the  surrounding state, but most importantly Obama's High School. Ending the year of right by giving homage to the 1st African American leader with his own designed kicks, the Kobe 10 have finished strong and will be remembered by all the colors and inspirations we had the privilege of seeing.

Nike Kobe 10 Elite "Commander" Men's $225 Exclusively at our Long Beach location.

Inspired by Obama's high school colors the shoe is build on a black base, and with combine a ocean blue, hints of red and green play around the sneaker. The shoe will come mark with an X on the bottom heal on gold, and embroider tag on the tongue to make it official. 

Take a sneaker with historic significant's home, we just home to see another Obama x Kobe collab before his term ends. Thanks again everyone for checking the blog, don't forget to hit the Like or share button stay fresh.

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