Sneakernstuff x Brooks Regent "American Dream"

Brooks footwear has been working hard on collaborations with  major companies and sneaker boutiques, the next installment will be brought to you by the collab with Swedish website/shop SNS. Originally established in 1999 as a website Sneaker-N-Stuff became a major player in the sneaker culture and with it's own store in Swedish borders it is only right to stamp a sneaker. The collaboration will find inspiration and take concept of a classic 1971 movie "The Emigrants" released by Warner Bros in the States. The film gives us a look at the Swedish "American Dream" and a feedback of the struggles and worries that nations alike can have.

SNS x Brooks Regent "American Dream" Men's $140

This sneaker will bring be build of a fabric stripe upper on mixture of white and grey, it will drive a black accent body. SNS and Brooks branding on the tongue, It will have the word Charlotta which is the ship name on the novel and Karlshamn the path taken to reach New York. It will come with custom insoles picturing the path and the land of the free. Finishing with a leather interior and air pocket support.

Novels and books can always make concept of sneakers look fresh and stylish. This collaboration is a one in a million letters and can be picked up at our Long Beach location exclusively. Please take your time to call and check size availability. Thanks to our Blog representative Edwin Gio Hernandez aka @1984_present. Remember to like, share and comment. Keep it Fresh !

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Adidas Original x Pusha T EQT Running Guidance '93 "Black Market"

While most are impressed by the major deals and offers this coming BLACK FRIDAY, some may not notice that Thanksgiving is ruined and the major part of the US life has become an artificial aspect and not the traditional family entertainment. Although all major market brands plan to break you pockets, other knock of brands will be ignored with their own BLACK event. King Push and Adidas open our eyes to illegal BLACK MARKET if it's with weapon's or Knock of brands, at the end of the day it's all about the hustle. But stay away from trouble.

Adidas Original EQT Running Guidance '93 x Pusha T "BLACK MARKET" Men's $200

This sneaker have not been unveils so keep keep it locked for UPDATES on description.

The King Push collaboration with Adidas are releasing at Long Beach as a raffle release, contact the store for full info on release and distribution. Thanks for the viewing remember to Like, Share, and Comment Stay Fresh !

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Burn Rubber x Puma Stepper "MCS"

Puma and Detroit's boutique Burn Rubber will collaborate for the first time, releasing a dressed up sneaker with custom packaging. All the work is to pay a special homage to the tallest rail station of our time. The Michigan Central Station or also know as Michigan Central Depot (MCS). This transportation headquarters will replace the old Downtown Detroit rails, it formally opened on 1914, and closed on 1988 do to the Amtrak service. It was a major import & export center, and also was a passenger router.The building is located in the heart of Crock town as a major tourist attraction and heritage of Detroit. The shoe will be design base on the buildings marble and stone fixtures, as well as it's terrazzo flooring.

Puma x Burn Rubber Stepper "MCS" Men's $140 Available exclusively at Long Beach FSFC

Stepper's will be conducting a premium leather body over all with a mixture of navy and powder blue. the inner lining will be build of brown leather with a suede khaki matching outer top crown. custom insoles will be giving respect to the flooring and boutique shop burn rubber logo, the branding will also be visible on the back heel of the shoes. The Puma strip will conduct a pure green on matching eyelids. wax laces will put everything tight on your feet. It will show the words that will commemorate the MCS "Over 100 years and still standing" ! Finishing with a custom traveler's packaging box to hold down the story strong.

Burn Rubber has not disappoint with work collaboration throughout the years. This first Puma Collab is no exception. Make sure you hits us up to get your pair, doors opened at 10 am. Thanks to Gio for blogging strong. Don't forget to Like, Share, and Comment, Stay Fresh !

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BAU x Puma R698 "Eat What You Kill"

As the street culture movements continues in Boston, their is now way we can't notice it without the name of Frank the butcher being mentioned. The native has been a street mind on music, design, and fashion. He has worked on productions, inner designed with different associations or brands. Also worked on fashion with BAU, his clothing line which means Business As Usual. He will collaborate with PUMA and release his next project EAT WHAT YOU KILL, this model R698 will release on Fri the 30th.

BAU x Puma Blaze of Glory "Eat What You Kill" Men's $130 Exclusively at our Long Beach shop

These shoes will be mixing a presence of Leather and Suede on the body, combining a charcoal grey in black. Accents of Yellow with Red will hit the body. It will be custom with a Frank The Butcher logo in the inner sole and will hit the BAU branding on the tongue. It will sit atop a white mid-sole and brings the new tradition with shoes and extra lace to combine three options Grey Yellow or Black.

As the saying goes Business As Usual, so if you miss out that will be your own business to try to cop a pair. The shoe will be available on a first come first served basis exclusively at out Long Beach location, Thanks for sharing liking and commenting, stay fresh !

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Adidas Stan Smith x horween Leather Pack

Since 1905 Horween Leather Company has made it their priority to make the highest of quality towards anything they put their stamp on. Recently they have collaborated with brands such as New Balance and Van's. This time around HLC will join forces with Adidas and will cover the brand's most respected retro, the Stan Smith. Both will stamp the shoe with ESSEX leather and premium suede. It will come in both Low Cut and Mid Top with a the smell of authenticity from interior to exterior. 

Adidas Stan Smith x Horween Leather Pack Men's Mid $160 Low $150

Hand crafted from head to toe Horween Leather hooks up Adidas with an ESSEX leather upholster. The outside will have a premium butter smooth leather and the inner will hold a under suede, It will hit a gold trim on the back heel and classic Stan Smith soles. The shoe will also bring a double lacing, the classic Adidas in off-white, and a all leather lacing.

Those who enjoy an All-American craftsmanship this is your shoe, just the smell alone will grab you, and personally i picked up a pair. I might say the comfort is there, but make sure you try them on since they run big. Thanks for checking us out and like, share, comment. Stay Fresh !

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Brooks Regent x BAIT "Rabbit Foot"

Origins come from 600 B.C. by the a group called the Celtic people. Believing on a good luck charm based on the rabbit's foot, it was carried as an emulate and made famous around the world. Brooks Regent from their heritage collection joins forces with BAIT in collaboration to bring you the rabbit foot believe onto feet everywhere. 

Brooks Regent x BAIT "Rabbit Foot" Men's 130 Exclusively at our Long Beach location

The sneaker is decked out in tonal gray with hints of white and purple throughout. The original Regent silhouette has also been modified with an added collar panel and heel counter. Comprised of premium materials, such as pigskin suede, box leather and nubuck, the rich finish is completed with subtle embossed accents. Description by

The good luck sneaker has arrived, rocking this sneaker all next year might probably be your emulate to cop every single release. Thanks for checking out our blog remember to Like, Share, and Comment. Stay Fresh !