Frank The Butcher

BAU x Puma R698 "Eat What You Kill"

As the street culture movements continues in Boston, their is now way we can't notice it without the name of Frank the butcher being mentioned. The native has been a street mind on music, design, and fashion. He has worked on productions, inner designed with different associations or brands. Also worked on fashion with BAU, his clothing line which means Business As Usual. He will collaborate with PUMA and release his next project EAT WHAT YOU KILL, this model R698 will release on Fri the 30th.

BAU x Puma Blaze of Glory "Eat What You Kill" Men's $130 Exclusively at our Long Beach shop

These shoes will be mixing a presence of Leather and Suede on the body, combining a charcoal grey in black. Accents of Yellow with Red will hit the body. It will be custom with a Frank The Butcher logo in the inner sole and will hit the BAU branding on the tongue. It will sit atop a white mid-sole and brings the new tradition with shoes and extra lace to combine three options Grey Yellow or Black.

As the saying goes Business As Usual, so if you miss out that will be your own business to try to cop a pair. The shoe will be available on a first come first served basis exclusively at out Long Beach location, Thanks for sharing liking and commenting, stay fresh !

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