Asics Gel-Lyte III / Gel-Lyte V "Workwear" Pack

Asics bring back two classic models and craft them with an inspired Industrialization style. Showing us the process of a country becoming a agricultural society to a manufacture of good and services. the Gel-Lyte 3 and 5 will come design as a heavy duty work boot look and will be utilizing a premium upper overall body. So work hard with this pair,  a must add to your Asics collection.

Asics Gel-Lyte III Men's $110 Asics Gel-Lyte V Men's 120 both now available

build with premium materials such as. perforated suede, embossed leather, and ballistic nylon in a mixture of earthy tones. Other details include D-ring lace loops, hiking-like laces, and a unique hammer and axe logo on the insole to go along with the work collar inspiration. description by

Hammer's, Axles, or just worker's to say the least, come get the sneaker inspired just for you this fall season. Thanks for stopping to our blog and remember to Like, Share, Comment, and stay fresh.

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Asics Gel Lyte III "Kimono"

Asics looks far east for it's next inspired Gel-Lyte III model. They will be utilizing a Japaneses tradition called KIMONO, which is a garment suit used by locals for special occasions or events. Original introduced to the world the kimono attire was seen as early as the 5th century. The suit was used by kids or young adults in families belonging to  the middle or wealthy society class. It also hit Hollywood with the movie GEISHA, and has been a fascination to people around the world. The denim base is inspired the Japanese denim and the history of the best jean's reputation, which brings to traditions together as one and forms the  Asics denim style sneaker, that comes hooked up with small artistic detail, to admire you will need to cop a pair.

Asics Gel Lyte III "Kimono" Men's $150 (Long Beach Exclusive)

This Asics Gel Lyte III goes with a darker demin-base upper than the previous release version. Other details to the shoe include floral graphics around the collar and split tongue, with both red and gold detailing throughout which adds for a nice pop. description by

Keep this in mind for Saturday 22th since they will sell out no matter the hype release of the Yezzy boost. Don't be surprised if this Asics come hard to come by. In my opinion is can be names one of the best Asics of 2015. Thanks for stopping by out blog and remember to Like, Share, and Comment. Stay Fresh !


Asics Gel-Lyte III "Speckled Mint" 25th Anniversary

One of the most iconic asics has returned with it's 25th anniversary Gel-Lyte III special edition. Part of the Outdoors Pack this Gel-Lyte sneaker come with the split tongue trademark, and the classic midsole design with the speckled print, it comes in a full premium nubuck suede dressed from head to toe. Gel-Lyte III anniversary can be a must copped for this coming weekend,

Asics Gel_Lyte III "Speckle Mint" 25th Anniversary Men's $120 available Saturday 5/23 at our Long Beach and San Pedro locations by FCFS basis, for full details call your local shop. (click on contact above)

The shoe is mostly covered in different shades of Grey on the upper, toe area, and heel, that also includes tonal laces. In addition to a full Grey base, the shoe also features a speckled midsole that rests atop a Turquoise outsole, along with Turquoise ASICS branding on the heel. shoe description by

Picking up a piece of the pie might be hard for this Gel-Lyte III since they will be celebrating an anniversary I wouldn't be surprised to see the speckled mint model fly off the shelves; remember to Like, Share and Comment. Stay Fresh !



Asics Gel-Lyte V "Alpine" Outdoors Pack

The Asics company has been taking over the collaboration game this year; releasing certain models like Kayano, Saga, Gel Lyte II, III, V and beyond. But even models that are not collaborated with ideas or boutiques can stand out on their own. The new installment will bring the Alpine Pack or Outdoors Pack into motion this weekend with the release of the Asics Gel-Lyte V in Tan, inspired by the mountainous scenery. But to my taste I will like to name this the Iron Man asics. Inspired by the new sequel Avenger's Age of Ultran. Since the movie has triggered major revenue across the world, it's only right to give the movie a small recognition within the sneaker game.

Asics Gel-Lyte V "Alpine" Outdoors Pack Men's $120 Available Saturday 5/23 by FCFS basis and will be distributed at both out Long Beach and San Pedro location. Please contact your local shop for full details. (click on contact above)

This ASICS Gel Lyte V features a primarily a Tan nubuck base with Bright Tan/Orange synthetic detailing hitting the tongue and inner-sock liner that provides a lockdown fit while the ASICS Gel-cushioned midsole gives comfort and responsiveness. shoe description by

Can't be mad for this one, the color way is on point, it will be a nice sneaker to cop for summer or just to go watch the Avenger's sequel. Remember to Like, Share, and Comment. Stay Fresh !


Asics Gel-Lyte Arrivals "Rasta Pack" "" "Glacier"

Good news to all my Private supporters the new stock arrivals from our Asics brand line has arrived. This installment will bring a Rasta Pack concept, in which inspiration comes from the major World Wide event 420 or in other words National Blunt day. The other model will bring an concept which I am in the air to what it represents but currently doing research. It could possibly be inspired from the Orange website. This company is the leaders of business telecommunication in Europe and Africa. The final Gel-Lyte grabs it's design from a snow glacier. Glacier are usually formed from snow lying in position over the years and can be as delicate to where movement can consistently flow with no interruptions.

Rasta Pack

The Gel-Lyte V "Stolen Gold" which comes in an all Yellow Gold body with a Jamaican color inspiration, built on a premium pig skin suede it conducts a mesh toe box and side panel, and also brings an Asics leather logo, and closes with a sock liner for fit comfort.

The Gel-Lyte Saga "4/20" has a full black body, with small hints of the Jamaican color scheme, they are built on a premium pig skin suede body, drives a mesh toe box and finishes with a leather Asics logo.


The Gel-Lyte V "" focuses on a Wolf Grey and Black body,  and contrasts perfect with that Dark Orange pop color, it is constructed on a premium suede pig skin, with hints of mesh on the toe box and side panels, features a sock inner lining for comfort, custom sequence black/grey/orange laces, and finished with a marble tile bottom sole.


The Gel-Lyte V "Glacier", this sneaker's major features are the one color toe box hitting a Retro Royal blue and fades on Cool Grey & Powder Blue. The body consist of premium pig skin suede, mesh toe box and side panels, and a leather Asics logo, the inner sock liner offers a comfortable fit, and closes with a custom inner sole.

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This shoes are available at our Long Beach and San Pedro location, on a FCFS basis and Phone Orders are available by calling and placing your purchase (link above page) Men's $120 / Rasta Pack Stolen Gold and Glacier Men's $110 / Rasta Pack 4/20 Men's $90


Asics Gel-Lyte II III and V "Easter Pack"

Hunting for stuff  to wear for this coming EASTER WEEKEND, look no future the Asics Easter Pack have arrived and the color pop that come with each personal concept, just reminds me of the Eggs, Basket, and Candy. The Asics pack will introduce a set of three models Gel-Lyte II, Gel-Lyte III, closing with the Gel-Lyte V. Each one will come in it's unique pastel color, to match perfect to the season.

The pack is a must in person experience, since each it build with a skin suede body, all three sit atop a Gum Sole and a speckled midsole for a flavor touch, as we all know the Lyte II comes in a one fit, while the Lyte III hits that split tongue vibe, and the Lyte V hits a sock inner fit for full support. Which ever model you go with, make sure you rock them right on April 5th.

From all the Team Private to your family HAPPY EASTER WEEKEND everyone, be safe.

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Asics Gel-Lyte II Green Ash-Soft Grey Unisex $110__Asics Gel-Lyte III Dark Grey-Sheer Lilac Unisex $110__Asics Gel-Lyte V Coral Reef-Clear Water Unisex $120

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