Nike Kobe 10 Elite Low "Opening Night"

The National Basketball Association regular season is right around the corner, with the LA Lakers set to compete against the Minnesota Timberwolfs on October 28th. Nike and Kobe decide to release the shoe early for all Sneaker-Heads to wear, as they cheer for the black mamba. The new Kobe Bryant signature features a Hybrid bottom sole which is build of a mix or Free, Lunarlon, and Zoom technology combined. It will be the first basketball shoe to be build of recycled polyester yarn, it's the perfect shoe for comfort, strength, and breath ability. 

Nike Kobe 10 Elite Low "Opening Night" Men's $200 Exclusively at the Long Beach location

The shoe will drop in a blue body, with a mixture of purple and accents of yellow. A black inner lining and white nike swoosh to pop out the shoe. The tongue will come with a shield with the words in Latin HISTORIA EST MAGISTRA which means, History is Life's teacher. It all finishes with a mango translucent sole with a the roman number X to mark it the Kobe 10.

Those who miss on the opening sneaker usually get bad karma for the rest of the Kobe 10 releases of the year. So if you want to cop every Kobe you desire, don't pass out on the opener. Thanks for stopping by, stay fresh !

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Nike Kobe 10 Elite "Commander"

Inspired by the leader of the United States of America. Nike and Kobe join forces to bring you the next installment and one of the last Kobe 10 we will see before the 11's are release introducing the COMMANDER. Inspired by the homeland of the president of the US Honolulu Hawaii. The shoe will drives an ocean blue and Hawaiian tropical colors of the  surrounding state, but most importantly Obama's High School. Ending the year of right by giving homage to the 1st African American leader with his own designed kicks, the Kobe 10 have finished strong and will be remembered by all the colors and inspirations we had the privilege of seeing.

Nike Kobe 10 Elite "Commander" Men's $225 Exclusively at our Long Beach location.

Inspired by Obama's high school colors the shoe is build on a black base, and with combine a ocean blue, hints of red and green play around the sneaker. The shoe will come mark with an X on the bottom heal on gold, and embroider tag on the tongue to make it official. 

Take a sneaker with historic significant's home, we just home to see another Obama x Kobe collab before his term ends. Thanks again everyone for checking the blog, don't forget to hit the Like or share button stay fresh.

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Nike Air Penny 6 "Metallic Silver"

Before all the Hype the camp-outs and all the email notification, their was a time when sneakers arrived to shelves and customers will walk in to pick up their pair. Nike and Penny keep the concept alive while they launch the Penny 6's unannounced world wide. This shoe grabs design parts from previous Hardaway collections, but most noticeable is the Penny 1's. A major attration to this pair is the foam side panel on the toe box to the back side. To whom believe on the old sneaker way don't miss out on the Metallic's.

Nike Air Penny 6 "Metallic" Men's $185 now available

Starting of we can notice a half tongue martial mix, the bottom a canvas and the top premium suede. The whole upper and inner piece of the shoe will be build on a premium nubuck suede, as for the outer side will bring the popular foam material in metallic silver. Zoom air pocket hits the back heal, a pull tag will have the shield of penny with the words I AM ONE CENT. The penny 1's Nike swoosh won't be forgotten and speckled laces will be set to bring it all together.

Sometimes Hype sneakers can be overwhelming, with all the raffle, camping, and heads trying to get the same shoe. Picking up a simple pair of kicks can be more satisfying then we might think. These kicks our now available at both locations. Like the post, share it with friends, and remember to stay fresh !

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Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 Jason Kidd "Carbon Fiber"

Rookie year 1995 and Jason kidd hits us with the Carbon Fiber Zoom flights. Nike gives a special 20th anniversary release to one of the veterans of basketball, and what better way to celebrate then bringing back the OG colorway. These kicks haven't been released since 2008, if you miss this cop. Make sure you wait another 7 years. This is a sleeper for most but real sneakerheads know what to do.

Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 Jason Kidd PE "Carbon Fiber" Men's $140 now available

The Kidd's come with speckled lacing, hit a smooth suede upper, leather mid sole mixed with carbon fiber, and featured on the zoom circles, both side arch and bottom sole. a Nike embedded swoosh on the side and flight lettering on the back.

As they all say one day they are here and the next they are gone. call our store for size availability and thanks for stopping by our Blog. Stay Fresh !

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Nike LeBron 12 "What The"


The Nike LeBron 12 "What The" is the latest sneaker of Lebron James' to receive the concept treatment, a Nike continues to innovate and take risks.

The "What The" edition of the LeBron 12's is a bit diffrent from previous models King James releases as it unities his favorite teams and players. The unique shoe uses elements that include a nod to his heroes of the gridiron, a hat tip towards the Bronx and a bold display of Ohio pride to represent his hometown.

Other details include a Dunkman and Swingman logos on each individual tongue, a safari specked detail on the medial side of the university red pair, while the inner interior receives a colorful pring. Finishing off the sneaker with speckled mid-sole, large number '23' on the right shoe, 3M detailing and an icy translucent out-sole. 

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The sneaker is available by Raffle Entry only exclusivity at our Long Beach location, for further information contact the store by clicking above. Men's $250


Nike LeBron 12 EXT Limited Edition "King's Cork"

The LeBron 12's had quite a year, the shoe releases on October 2014. But not till they fixed some issues with the design, the King James shoes was pushed back do to some fabrication. LeBron still wore the hell out of the shoes during the season unlike the LeBron 11's, and the 12's made a good statement this past year with the High or Low or the Lifestyle option. The last two designs will hit the store's and the LeBron 13 is right around the corner.

Nike & LeBron design the 2nd to the last model with a concept that will continue to come for years, the Cork. The Cork brings the material better know to be used on wine bottles. A bottle that significant to the celebation of King James and Nike for a great year in sales and yet another great design. The shoe model will be covered heavily and will a be stopper to the LeBron 12's with WHAT THE concept to finish off the year.

Nike LeBron 12's EXT Limited Edition "King Cork" Men's $250

The "King Cork" version of the Nike LeBron 12 stays true to it;s original release, having a full cork constructed base, with black detailing and overlay on the Hyperposite area. The shoe is finished with minor red hints and metallic gold branding hitting the Nike Swoosh logos on the side. description by

Cork or no Cork the LeBron 12's made a statement this year, "Personally I think this is one of the best top model of the year", few pairs are still available at our Long Beach and San Pedro locations, please call before driving over for availability. Thanks for stopping by our blog remember to Like, Share and Comment. Stay Fresh !