Sunday August 28th we had the privilege of partnering with Adidas to host another wonderful event for our community. We invited any students in our community to come out to our Long Beach location for a free backpack filled with school supplies. This give away was open to any student pre-k to college age and just asked that they bring their school ID or show their student portal. We were pleased to be able to give away over 150 backpacks filled with pens, custom "Private Sneakers" pencils, notebooks, binders, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, sticky notes, shoe cleaning wipes, and stickers. We had students who were ready to start Pre-K all the way through college seniors show up!  We also had a guest speaker, Kika, come out and speak to the kids about some of the many issues they are facing today. We brought in groups of about 30 at a time to be sure everyone was able to hear her message. A few of the topics she spoke about were:
  • Emotional Well Being and Stress/Anxiety Management
    • Take a couple deep belly breaths
    • Talk to your friends and family
    • Do a confidence pose for 2 minutes (hands on your hips)
  • Bullying and what to do if you or a friend is being bullied
  • Healthy eating habits (especially for those who skip breakfast!)
  • Screen Time
    • Be sure to turn the phones, iPads, and video games off well before bedtime to let your mind relax and get a good nights rest
We even had time for parents to ask questions about how they can be better prepared to handle these issues for their kids. We are so grateful to our community for always supporting our business and feel very fortunate to be able to give back in ways like this. 

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